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As the year 2020 has ended, the anxiety, fear and questions for the year 2021 have started engulfing our minds.

Makar Sankranti 2021

According to Anilkumar Babubhai Chhayashastri, this year sankranti will be celebrated on 14th January 2021.
The Acharya family has studied and mastered this tradition, which not only predicts the present, but also tells one’s past and peeps into what the future holds. This science can be used to recommend the best time for business activities and to guide couples on the best time for them to try to conceive a baby, love, health and spiritual progress.

This practice of shadow reading, dates back to the early Aryans who worshipped the sun. During the Aryan period, time of the day was read on the position of the Sun and the shadows thus formed. The shadows held a special significance in the lives of the people then. Everything a person did was calculated on the basis of his or her shadow in those days.

Shadow reading can be conducted each day under bright sunlight. The person’s shadows in three postures are measured, after which the date, time and place of birth of the person are noted. Followed then are the calculations to know and understand about the history, problems and remedies for the individual. The person is then told about the predictions and stories that surround person’s karmic journeys. This unique method of predicting every detail of a person’s life - health, relationships, career, kids, friends, partner, spiritual quest, karmas, dissolving of bad karmas and energy balancing, along with the opening of body charkas, balancing of it and removing of blockages with an approximate prediction of the time period during which the events will take place is extremely accurate.

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