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Dark shadow of future

The time ahead starting from June 2020 to December 2022 predicts a difficult period for everyone all over the world.


As the year 2022 has ended, the anxiety, fear and questions for the year 2023 have started engulfing our minds.

Makar Sankranti 2023

According to Anilkumar Babubhai Chhayashastri - (Shadow Astrologer - Reader - Acharya)(Spiritual Healer, Soul Reader, Dream Reader, Astrologer), Pratik Anilkumar Chhayashastri - (Shadow Astrologer- Reader - Acharya),(Spiritual Healer, Soul Reader, Dream Reader, Astrologer), Chintan Anilkumar Chhayashastri - (Shadow Astrologer -Reader - Acharya), (Spiritual Healer, Soul Reader, Dream Reader, Astrologer), MAKAR SANKRANTI generally falls on 14th January, but being a solar event, it depends completely on the sun's movement in the zodiac Capricorn (MAKAR RASHI) marking that day as Makar Sankranti. According to Anilkumar Babubhai Chhayashastri - (Shadow Reader - Acharya)(Spiritual Healer)(Soul Reader)(Dream Reader),this year i.e. in 2023 the sun moves in Makar Rashi on Saturday i.e. 14th January 2023 at 20.43 IST. Hence, this year Sankranti will be celebrated on 14th January.

According to the shastras, the Sun-God uses a different mode of transport (Vahan), for this transitional journey from one rashi to another. This year the Almighty Sun-God's Vahan is TIGER.

Effects on the country and the World:

  1. Inflation will increase.
  2. Spiritual development will be high.
  3. Oil will be very expensive.
  4. Metals will be volatile.
  5. Anxiety will increase.
  6. Gold price will increase.
  7. Political instability will increase.
  8. Health problems will increase.

Effects on the twelve zodiac signs or rashis due to Makar Sankranti are as under:

  1. Mesh:- (ARIES). Financially very progressive.
  2. Vrushab :- ( TAURUS). Anxiety will increase.
  3. Mithun:- (GEMINI). Financially progressive.
  4. Kark :- ( CANCER). Health will improve.
  5. Singh :- ( LEO). Mental stress will increase.
  6. Kanya:- (VIRGO). Financially stable.
  7. Tula:- (LIBRA). Emotionally unstable.
  8. Vrashik:- (SCORPIO). Health problems will increase.
  9. Dhanu:- (SAGITTARIUS). Financially very sound.
  10. Makar:-(CAPRICORN). Emotional health will fluctuate.
  11. Kumbh:- (AQUARIUS). Good spiritual progress.
  12. Meen:-( PISCES). Financially progressive.

Please note - Outcome will differ on individuals Shadow/Birth Chart

These below mentioned remedies wil help tide us over these difficult times:

  1. Pray to Sun God by chanting the mantra OM ISHAYA NAMAH 108 times daily.
  2. Do exercise daily.
  3. Help everyone.

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